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From the early days of Aviation, humans have seen the world from a whole new perspective. 


As technology evolved, so has a desire to see how far one can explore the world around them. 


The culmination of that effort has been the creation of a one of a kind aircraft taking you on the adventure of a lifetime seeing places you've only dreamed visiting. 


Where do you want to go?  How do you want to get there?  Let Cirrus answer those questions with an aviation experience unlike any other.   

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Savannah Aviation is Central and South Georgia’s only Certified Cirrus Training Center offering Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Transition Pilot training in the Cirrus SR-20 aircraft.

For current Cirrus owners, Savannah Aviation offers recurrent training in your SR-20, SR-22, or SR-22T with our very own Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot using the Cirrus Aircraft standardized training syllabus.  


Savannah Aviation offers a variety of continuing education programs to help Cirrus pilots maintain currency and recency of experience or expand their knowledge of Garmin/Avidyne avionics and Cirrus airframes.

For pilots wishing to transition to flying a Cirrus, Savannah Aviation utilizes factory-designed Transition Training which qualifies pilots for Cirrus flight privileges at Savannah Aviation.


Cirrus Training Center Programs and Resources

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For a Student or Private Pilot (no instrument rating) looking to train in a Cirrus. Contains VFR maneuvers and content related to systems, engine management, avionics, CAPS and landings.

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For IFR students in the Cirrus or those wishing to add the IFR portion of a Transition Course. 

Includes VFR maneuvers, landings, IFR procedures and Emergency operations. Emphasis placed on CAPS.



For customers moving between airframes, avionics (Avidyne vs Garmin) and between normally aspirated to turbo normalized or charged engines. 



For Cirrus Pilots in their own aircraft or Cirrus qualified pilots using Savannah Aviation aircraft.  Perfect for those in need of remedial training with a factory trained Cirrus Instructor pilot.  Recommended every six months 

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Required every 24 calendar months for all Cirrus pilots who will fly into known icing operating their own "FIKI" approved aircraft.  Also an excellent course for any pilot to become more familiar with winter weather. practices.  

Follow the steps below to start your Cirrus Training Today!


1. CREATE AN ACCOUNT:  Click the catalog button and create an account by clicking the Log In / Sign Up button on the top right of the page.  ​

2.  SELECT A COURSE:  Select a course from the Learning Catalog page and add it to your shopping cart. If the course is Free, click the Enroll Now button will automatically add the course to your My Courses page.  

3.  CONNECT WITH AN INSTRUCTOR:  Connect with a Savannah Aviation Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP) by navigating to the Instructors page.  Click Connect to send a request to connect with the CSIP. 


4.  START TRAINING:  Once connected, the CSIP will guide you through the process of completing the course.  

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