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Steps to Register in the

Flight Training Security Program (FTSP).

Contact Savannah Aviation about your interest in flight training, then follow these steps:

  1. Create an account at

  2. Submit a request for a flight training event under "Savannah Aviation (GA)".  

  3. Choose either Initial, Instrument, or Multi-Engine flight training (category 3).

  4. Under aircraft, put "C-172, PA-28, and "SR-20" for Initial/Instrument and "PA-30" for Multi-Engine.

  5. Once a training event request has been submitted, TSA sends the candidate an email with instructions on how to complete the request process. Each step must be completed before a candidate can advance to the next step.

  6. Once all items are completed, TSA performs a security threat assessment to determine whether the candidate poses a threat to aviation or national security.

  7. Once the request is submitted, the applicant will submit fingerprints and payment to TSA.

  8. After 1-3 weeks, TSA will approve/deny the request. 

  9. Training needs to begin 180 days of final approval and needs to be completed 365 days after initiation of training.

Read the FAQs section of the FTSP website for more information

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